Umpqua Valley Gymnastics

Our Staff

Office Manager/Human Resources

Kacy Barr

Recreational and Assistant Coaches

Abigail Bielman

Lena Larecy

Katie Barr

Bethany Lander

Ashley Davin

Ella Finley

Crystal Tapia

Jenna Brassart

Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer Petersen

Jessica Wellman

Kara Sivik

Compulsory Team Coaches

Ashley Davin

Brittany Woods

Csanyi Matusicky

Department Directors

Team Director: Ashley Dahl

Rec Director: Ashley Davin

Preschool Director: Bethany Lander

Executive Director

Shelby Grove

Volunteer Board of Directors

President: Breeanne Thomas


Vice President: Emiley Ketchum

Secretary: Leanna Tatone

Treasurer: Kacy Barr

General Board Members: 

Shawn Tew

Lance Baker

Brittany Patterson

Neysa Hemingway

Board Member Application

                                                                                                                      Board Member application

If you are interested in serving on Umpqua Valley Gymnastics Non-Profit board of Directors, please fill out the application to be reviewed when there are openeing to be filled.  This is a 2 year commitment to help the gym grow and move in a positive direction for the children in our program.