Umpqua Valley Gymnastics


Q: How do I register my child? 
A: All of our registration is done online through our Jackrabbit system, just click on the link in the registration tab.  We do this so you have constant access to your online account to view or make changes as you need to.  We also use this system to send information regarding upcoming events, changes or announcements.  Please have a good email on your account as this is how we send all important information and updates.

Q. Is there a registration fee?

A: Yes.  The first time you register for our program, there is a $25 registration fee.  After that, you will have an annual miantenance fee of $35 which contributes toward maintenance costs/repairs and upkeep of equipment.  This renews annually on the anniversary date of when you registered in our program.  

Q: How do payments work? 
A: When you register you will add a payment method that you prefer to your account.  We will charge all accounts on the 10th of the month.  Please let the office know if you need to update your payment method, the system will not allow you to update it on your parent portal account.
Q: Do you offer a sibling discount? 
A: Yes we offer a 10% discount for multipe siblings in the same family.  You will see this reflected on your account balance each month.

Q: What does my child need to wear for class?

A: A leotard with or without shorts over the Leo which can be purchased at our facility, online, or a regular store such as Walmart.  Please do not wear sports bras alone for practice. Girls should have their hair pulled up and off of their shoulders.  Boys can wear anything soft and athletic, such as shorts and a tshirt.

Q: What does my child need for the first day of class? 
A: Your child should come in appropriate gymnastics clothing, with their hair up off of their shoulders, and a water bottle.
Q: How long will my child stay in each level? 
A: We believe each child will grow in their own individual journey.  Our classes from age 5 up are based off skill level.  This means there is no set time for your child to move up.  We are constantly working on helping your child to get the skills and strength for the next level up.  Your child will be evaluated by their coach on a regular basis and we will contact you as soon as your child is ready to move to the next class/level.  
Q: What can my child expect to learn in class? 
A: Your child can expect to improve in flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness as they learn gymnastics skills in accordance with USA Gymnastics developmental program while building positive self esteem in a relaxed, fun, yet challenging atmosphere. 

Q: Can I bring my other children with me? 

A:You are welcome to come in and watch with siblings, our seating for spectators is very limited at this time though.

Q: Do you offer adult classes? A: We have an adult strength and tumbling class for 18 and over. 

Q: Do you ever close the gym for bad weather? 
A: Typically we do not close the gym due to bad weather.  If we do decide to close, we will contact you via email or you can "Like" our Facebook and Instagram pages for quick updates.